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Clarisights is hiring exceptional software engineers at every level of experience. Our engineering team solves challenging, complex problems that you will find nowhere else. And these solutions help us deliver success to our growing list of world-class customers such as Uber, Delivery Hero, Hello Fresh, Universal Music Group and Glovo.

We are now building a world-class team of engineers who think like entrepreneurs. Our engineers take pride in the challenge of their work, the quality of their peers and the impact of their product. Some recent projects delivered by our engineers include:

  • A JIT compiler for Excel-like formulae

  • Two HTAP Database engines for our custom data model

  • A small operating system for data processing pipelines that we are currently building and hiring for

Read the latest blogpost from our Engineering team here.

Rather than hire for a particular role or title, we are eager to speak with interested candidates, and structure roles that satisfy your aspirations and meet our rapidly changing engineering requirements. We encourage exceptional software engineers with all levels of experience to apply to Clarisights. We are particularly keen to hire applicants with 3 to 12 years of experience.

  • Excellent programming skills. We expect all our engineers at every level to code with enthusiasm.

  • A deep appreciation for software engineering founded in first principles. We are not looking for proficiency in specific languages or stacks. Instead, we want engineers who command a deep knowledge of the tools and languages they have worked with. And can communicate this knowledge effectively.

  • A hacker-mentality to building things. We hire people who are willing to pick up a problem and iterate solutions with originality and speed. And then move on to the next problem.

  • You take out your own trash. We are building a no-BS, low-touch, low-anxiety workplace. (This is really hard.) We like people to manage their own time, tools and projects with self-awareness and transparency. We will give you feedback regularly and then give you all the tools you need to get better at what you do. And then we will let you get on with it.

  • An approach to work that is collaborative, constructive and optimistic. Our engineers often work in small functional and cross-functional teams. A positive attitude to teamwork is essential.

  • A willingness to learn. We don’t expect applicants to have exposure to marketing. Instead we are happy to hire talented engineers and teach them what they need to know.

  • Strong opinions held lightly. We like to work with people who feel strongly about things, but can also change their minds when they have to.

  • Redesign and rebuild our codebase into a form and shape ready for the next stage of our growth.

  • Translate state-of-the-art software development into state-of-the-art product experiences for our users. Just like software engineers advanced from Notepad to IDEs, we want our users to leap forward from spreadsheets to responsive and interactive data workspaces.

  • Build, maintain and evolve systems and sub-systems that help us solve problems in power-user UIs, ETL automation, databases, and infrastructure.

  • Adopt and invent engineering solutions that can help Clarisights do more for our current customers, and also diversify into new business verticals.

  • Work closely with the Customer Success and Solutions Engineering functions to address emerging customer problems. We have fantastic customers who come up with fantastic problems.

  • We derive engineering inspiration and product direction from companies such as Snowflake, Notion, Grafana, Looker, Tableau and Fivetran. This means our engineers are constantly exploring, testing and building new technology. And then starting all over again.

After an initial CV screen, all applicants will go through one fit interview and at least two technical interviews. We aim to take no longer than 1-2 weeks between each stage. Our requirements are urgent.

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