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About Vacuumlabs


Vacuumlabs provides design, product development, engineering, and data science services for the fintech industry.

We support over 115 clients in 20 different locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. Our 10 years history of successful collaborations includes companies at all stages of development – leading corporations, scaleups, and startups.

Focusing on banking and cryptocurrency, we explore topics in cloud banking, community banking, and blockchain technology. We’re proud of our track record of working with clients such as Standard Chartered, Twisto, Erste Group IT, Kiwi, Railsbank, Doconomy, Emurgo Innovatrics, and others.

Our engineers are one of the best engineers on the market, holding Masters and PhD degrees in computer science, winning coding competitions (Facebook Hacker Cup, Google Code Jam, ICPC, etc.), and have worked for leading tech giants.

Still not sure what we are doing? So let’s check this video out:

As a Software Engineer at Vacuumlabs, you’ll work on global fintech innovations, blockchain-based products, and socially responsible projects.

Our Software Engineers are analytical thinkers with strong intuition and a knack for simplicity. They even established their own manifesto – with 1 simple goal – to rid the world of spaghetti code! Learn more over here:

We believe general coding skills and algorithmic thinking are more important than knowing a specific tech stack. We are open to candidates with a variety of tech stack knowledge and are happy to support our developers with learning new and needed tech stacks for specific projects. We provide our developers with an environment to learn while getting paid.

Due to the current situation, we are only able to start the recruitment process with the candidates that are based outside Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine (or with relocation plans) with valid (or soon to be valid) working permits in any EU and non-EU countries.

  • Design, develop, and improve products for the global fintech industry – including digital banks and blockchain-based products.

  • Develop and maintain an above-standard code for our products.

  • Select and apply the most appropriate framework, database, or programming language.

  • Communicate and collaborate with Project Managers and team members.

  • Be able to lead less experienced developers

  • Demonstrated skill in programming (more than 2 years of full-time experience for middle seniors and over 5 years for senior developers).

  • Past experience as a frontend developer (Typescript, React, React Native, and many more)

  • Willingness to adapt to a variety of programming languages.

  • Strong intuition for problem-solving and process improvement.

  • Ability to clearly and concisely communicate your thought process.

  • Fluent English language skills.

  • Algorithmically strong

  • Take part in the success story! Great goals ahead of Vacuumlabs: grow from 300 colleagues in 2021 to 1000 colleagues in 2023 and from revenue of 10 mil EUR in 2021 to 40 mil EUR in 2023.

  • You will be working remotely for the first few months and then you may become a foundation of our current global expansion activities to set up delivery hubs in Cyprus, Asia, and Latin America regions

  • In the future, we are considering relocation or temporary work assignments around the globe!

  • Various fintech and crypto projects – from internal, clients, and spinoffs – therefore with Vacuumlabs, you don’t need to change the company in order to get new experiences, you just change the project you are working on.

  • International teams, not based in offices, 100% remote work supported.

  • No big investors are involved with the company, the growth is mostly supported by the co-founders themselves.

  • LGBTI+ and family-friendly (vacuum weekend).

  • Strong company values

    • Integrity over profit – even during difficult covid times

    • Full transparency (every great relationship is built on trust)

    • Arguments matter more than ranks (our ranks don’t matter in discussions only arguments do)

    • Greatness is worth sacrifices (there is no growth without pain, we work hard and we are proud of it)

    • We care for each other (we support each other in our growth, joy, and difficult moments alike)

  • Quarterly revaluation – we offer regular salary evaluations and provide feedback on their performance

  • Paid needed overtimes

  • One-off payment to help establish remote working space

  • Paid vacation days & unlimited sick days

  • Paid self-development

Salary Range:

Depending on the outcomes of interviewing process, the salary may vary from 2.500 euros to 6.000 euros

Next Steps:

First, you will need to undergo automated task testing fundamental principles of algorithmic thinking. The time limit is 2 hours, but it can be done faster. When you succeed, our recruiters will get in contact with you to walk you through our recruitment process.

Vacuumlabs is one of the multi-awarded companies across the globe. Join a company you can truly engage with!

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